Applying a Credit

Welcome to Your Account Credit Guide!

Thank you for referring a friend and being part of our community! Here's how you can easily use your earned credits on your next invoice.

How you Earned Your Credit

When your friend used your referral code and paid for their booking, you earned a $15 credit as a thank you from us! You will be informed through the WhatsApp message that the account credit is available.

Finding Your Account Credit

Your account credit can be found in the Credit & Invoices section. Look for the Account Credit card to see your available balance.

Checking Your Credit Balance

Tap on the Account Credit card to view your remaining balance and transaction history.

Applying Your Credit to an Invoice

When you're ready to use your credit, go to the Unpaid Invoice section. You'll find an Apply Account Credit button next to the Apply Voucher button.

Using Your Credit

Click the Apply Account Credit button. A prompt will appear where you can enter the amount of credit you'd like to use. You can use any amount up to your available balance.

Finalizing Your Payment

After entering the credit amount, click Apply Account Credit to deduct this amount from your invoice. The page will refresh to show the updated invoice amount.

You can also track your account credit usage on the Transaction History section.

Completing Your Payment

If there's any remaining balance on the invoice, you can pay it using our available payment methods such as Credit Card/Debit Card, Pay Now, or Bank Transfer.


You've successfully applied your account credit to your invoice. Thank you for being a valued customer!

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