Booking aircon cleaning

To create an aircon servicing session, go to the Booking page on the Luce web app. From here you will proceed through the following interfaces to customise your servicing arrangement:

What is the price per unit?

The price per unit depends on the type of aircon, the type of service, and the number of total units serviced. You can see the price adjust automatically when you add items in our booking interface. If you can't find the package for the number of air conditioning units that you would like to get serviced, please contact us so we can give you a custom quotation.

Do I need to provide any equipment?

No. We provide all equipment for aircon servicing and will provide a tarp for the floor in case your floor is made of a sensitive material.

How should I prepare for aircon servicing?

Our servicemen will need to be able to access each aircon and place a ladder beneath it, so you should clear any furniture obstructing the unit. You should also ensure that there are no water-sensitive items or delicate, breakable furnishings in close proximity of the aircon units to prevent any potential damage. These simple steps create a safe and accessible environment for our servicemen.

Select Service Type

From the main page select aircon servicing as your service type. If you're not sure which service you need for your unit, check our Aircon FAQ. Choose your preferred service from the cards and click Continue.

If you have multiple different types of aircon units, such as two wall units and one ceiling unit, you can do so on the next page after you choose the base service.

Set Package Details

On the next interface, choose the number of aircons you would like to have serviced. You may select multiple aircon types in your package. As you select more units, the total price of your order will be updated on the right-hand side of the screen under Your Order. If you are not sure what type of aircon yours is, check our guide for more information.

Next, set whether you want to have one-time or recurring servicing. Recurring servicing offers a discount per unit, and the package is paid for after the first cleaning session. We will send automatic reminders for you to book your next session when it's due, and you can use a self-booking link to book at any time you prefer. Finally set your service address.

Select a Slot

You can scroll down the slots to see more available slots, and click See More at the bottom of the slot interface. Slots will be available to you depending on the expected duration of the service you have booked and the number of aircons you are having serviced.

Once you have found a slot that works for you, click Continue. You will be promoted to log in or create an account or sign into your existing account.

How do I create an account?

After you click Continue on the slot selection interface, select sign up from the pop-up.

For your account type, select Individual if you are a private customer, or Corporate if you are an office or business. Next, enter your first name, last name, login email and set your account password. Once you've checked everything is in order, press Continue.

What if I can't find any suitable slot?

If you can't see any suitable slot in the table, click Leave us a Message and add your details in the Request Details box. Submit the message by clicking on the Leave us a Message button at the bottom of the interface. If you need to get in touch with us sooner, you can send us a WhatsApp or call us at +65 3138-4868.

Set Service Info

On the service info interface, enter your full name, address and contact details in their respective input boxes. Under Access Instructions you can provide information on how you would like the serviceman to enter your home and whether you need him to call you before they reach, or if he needs to come to your floor via a specific lift. You can then add any additional notes at the bottom of the interface, such as particular issues you are experiencing, or any special instructions you would like him to follow in your house. Click Continue to proceed to the final page.

Confirm the job

Confirm the job details and final price at the top of the page, and when you're ready to proceed, enter your payment details into the Payment Info box. Finally, check the terms of use box and then click Complete Booking.

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