Aircon Servicing FAQ

Here are some questions that clients frequently ask about our aircon services. If you have any other questions, please feel free to get in touch with our team on WhatsApp or by phone call at one of the following numbers. For new customers, you can reach our sales team at +65 3138 4868.

What types of air conditioners do you service and repair?

We repair & service all types and brands of wall- and ceiling-mounted aircons sold in Singapore, along with ducted, window and portable units. We currently do not service central aircon systems.

What is the difference between general servicing, chemical wash and overhaul?

General servicing involves washing the filters, evaporator coil, fan blower wheel and drainage pipe. We check for sludge in the drainage pipe that can lead to leaking and clear this with a wet vacuum. General servicing improves the cooling efficiency of the unit and can be done as frequently as every month. Most tenancy agreements only require four times per year and this is generally sufficient to keep the aircon cool and in good shape unless there are specific requirements to keep the room free of circulated dust such as in laboratories or healthcare clinics.

Chemical washes and overhauls involve everything from standard general servicing plus cleaning the fan coil with a strong alkaline chemical to remove dust or mould that are stuck inside the coil. This greatly improves the cooling capacity of the aircon if there was a build-up of debris inside the coil, and the cooling ability of the aircon is generally considerably stronger after chemical cleaning.

An overhaul involves dismantling the aircon completely off the wall so that we can clean each compartment individually. We do not recommend overhaul for units older than 10 years, as the plastic can become brittle and it is a breakage hazard when we dismantle it. Chemical wash is fine for units of all ages. Both types of chemical cleaning are very thorough and we recommend them mostly for aircons that are used very often and haven't been serviced in a while, or an aircon that isn't as cold anymore.

When should I book a repair or diagnostic service?

Please book a diagnostic / repair session if a your aircon is not turning on, is making loud noises, dripping water, is blowing hot air, or is experiencing any other abnormal issues that you can't find an immediate solution for online. We will do our best to repair the issue in the same session, but if you require a follow-up repair appointment, we will deduct the charge of the diagnostic fee from the follow-up appointment.

What is condenser washing and when should I get it?

The condenser is the outdoor unit that powers the cooling coil of your air conditioning system. For most houses, all indoor aircons are connected to a single condenser unit. Since the condenser is outdoor and exposed to the elements, it can easily accumulate dust and grime. Condenser washing involves jet cleaning of the condensing unit, its coil and the fan, and helps to increase the cooling and electrical efficiency of your condenser. To book a condenser wash, please make sure your condenser is in a safe place to reach and is accessible for our technicians.

How long does it usually take to service my unit?

A general aircon servicing session usually takes between 20-30 minutes per unit, depending on the condition of the unit. Chemical washes take between 30-45 mintues per unit, and chemical overhauls take between 90-120 minutes per unit.

How often should I chemically clean my aircon unit?

Chemical cleaning (by chemical wash or overhaul) uses strong alkali solution to clean the fan coil. We do not recommend chemically cleaning air conditioners more than once every six months.

Do you have service and repair warranty?

We offer a 30-day service & repair warranty. We encourage you to let us know immediately through our customer support hotlines if something goes wrong with your unit after servicing and we will be back to fix it.

How many technicians do you usually send?

We typically send only one technician per service or repair request; however, there may be rare cases in which we send more, depending on the nature of the service or repair.

Will you technicians call or text before they arrive?

Yes. They will confirm that they are on their way prior to their scheduled appointment.

Why is it necessary to service my air conditioner?

Dust and debris can accumulate in your air conditioner if you don't do regular service on it. As a result, the filters will become clogged with debris and your aircon will not operate at its best since the airflow will be obstructed. If your fan coil and filters are covered with dust, the air that is circulated may be several degrees warmer than it should be. Due to this, you may need to set your aircon at a lower temperature than normal to stay comfortable, and this results in increased electricity usage for the unit. Moreover, regular air conditioning allows you to spot and rectify problems with the unit early, extending the lifetime of your unit.

Why isn't my air conditioner cool anymore?

If your air conditioner is not as cool as it used to be, it may be due to a build-up of dust or debris on the filters and evaporator coil. This can be fixed by general servicing. Cooling problems can also be related to an issue with the outdoor unit. If the aircon is not cold at all it may be due to a lack of refrigerant gas in the system. The cause of cooling issues can vary and it is difficult to diagnose over the phone, so it's best to have an specialist inspect and diagnose it.

Why won't my aircon work at all?

There may be a problem with the unit itself or to its connection to the power source, which would prevent your air conditioner from functioning. Check the switch to see if it is plugged in. You may also need to know whether or not your electrical panel is operating properly. We recommend booking a diagnostic session if you can't solve it by ensuring the power is on.

Why has my air conditioner started dripping water?

In most cases, when the aircon drainage pipe is clogged, water spills from the unit. The drainage pipe becomes clogged from dust that mixes with water on the evaporator coil. Depending on the severity of the clog it can generally be solved in 15-20 minutes using a high-powered wet vacuum to remove the sludge.

How do I pay?

We will send you an invoice after we've finished your service appointment. We accept credit cards, bank transfers, and PayNow.

What should I do if my invoice is not correct?

If there is any issue with your invoice, you can follow the instructions on this page to rectify it with our team. Please let us know as soon as you notice any issue so we can fix it for you quickly.

I haven't received my invoice. Where can I find it?

You can find your invoice in Luce web app on the Invoices page. To view and pay your invoices, follow the detailed instructions on this page. Your invoice will have also been sent to your email, but you may need to search your Spam or Junk inbox in case the email was directed there.

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