Applying a Voucher

In this section, you'll find answers to commonly asked questions about how to apply the voucher.

Where can I find my vouchers?

Tap the View Vouchers button, then the list of your vouchers will be prompted on the screen.

How can I use the voucher to pay my invoice?

A: Applying your voucher to the invoice is a simple process:

  1. Using the Mobile App:

  • On the Invoice screen, tap the invoice you wish to pay.

  • Select "Use Voucher" when prompted in the drawer.

  • Choose a voucher from the list, then click the 'Confirm' button to apply

  • The invoice amount will be reduced once the invoice is successfully applied.

  • Click Pay to finalize the Payment.

  1. Using the Customer Web:

  • Go to the Invoice page

  • Click the "Use Voucher" option.

  • Select a voucher from the modal, then tap the 'Confirm' button to apply.

  • The invoice amount will be reduced once the invoice is successfully applied.

  • Click Pay to finalize the Payment.

Can I use multiple vouchers on a single invoice?

No, each voucher is valid for one invoice only. You can't combine multiple vouchers for a single payment.

What if my voucher doesn't cover the full invoice amount?

If your voucher doesn't cover the entire invoice, you'll need to pay the remaining balance through an alternative payment method.

What happens if my invoice amount is less than the voucher value?

If the voucher value exceeds the invoice amount, any remaining balance on the voucher will be forfeited and cannot be applied to future transactions. Additionally, if there are multiple outstanding invoices, it's important to note that vouchers are typically applied to individual invoices. Therefore, any unused portion of the voucher does not carry over to cover other outstanding invoices.

Can I transfer my voucher to someone else?

Vouchers are non-transferable and can only be used by the account holder.

How long is the voucher valid for?

Each voucher is valid for one-time use and expires after it has been applied to an invoice.

What if I accidentally apply the voucher to the wrong invoice?

If you've inadvertently applied a voucher to the wrong invoice, please keep in mind the following:

  • Vouchers can be removed from invoices as long as the invoice hasn't been paid yet.

  • You can remove the voucher from the invoice by clicking "Remove Voucher" in the Invoice menu.

  • After the voucher is successfully removed, the invoice amount will revert to its original total, and the voucher will be returned to your list of available vouchers for future use.

It's important to double-check your selections before confirming the payment to ensure accuracy. Once the invoice is paid, the voucher application becomes irreversible.

Can I redeem the voucher for cash or credit?

Unfortunately, vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash or credit. They are specifically designed to be applied towards invoice payments.

I referred a friend and they have settled the first payment but why have I still not received my referral voucher?

To ensure you receive your referral voucher, kindly verify that your referral code was correctly applied during their booking process. If it was not, both the referrer and referred friend may not be eligible for the referral voucher.

If the voucher has already expired and I have not managed to apply it on the invoice, is the voucher automatically removed from the list?

If a voucher expires, it can no longer be used. Expired vouchers typically become invalid for self-application and will automatically be removed from the list of vouchers.

Why am I still billed with the same amount when I tried to pay through the QR code?

Please ensure that the invoice has been refreshed and the voucher has been applied successfully before processing the payment, the invoice number will be updated after redeeming the voucher.

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