Choosing a cleaner

After completing a few recurring Home Cleaning sessions with us, you probably wonder if it is possible to get your house done by the same cleaner or choosing your preferred cleaner for your next appointment. Apparently, the answer is you can!

Here is how:

  • First, select your preferred cleaning frequency. Make sure you also get the Service Address. Then press the 'Find Me a Cleaner' button.

  • In the next interface, click on the icon 'Choose Cleaner' on the top right-hand corner of the interface.

  • On your screen, a new prompt will pop-up and show the list of cleaners that have been done a session with you previously. Pick one by ticking the check-box next to the Cleaner's name.

  • After you're done choosing the cleaner, make sure to select the time slot that suits you best. Press the 'Continue' button to move forward to the next step.

  • To complete your booking, press the Continue button. The page will lead you to the payment process.

Now you have chosen your preferred cleaner for the upcoming session.

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