Viewing and paying your invoices

Accessing your invoices

Your invoices are visible on the Invoices page. You can switch between your paid and unpaid invoices by changing the Filter Status at the top right-hand corner. We will let you know when there is a new invoice in your account via email.

Paying your invoice

You can make payment directly to us by clicking the Pay button on your unpaid invoice. You have the option of paying by either Credit / Debit Card or by PayNow / Bank Transfer. Select the option from the pop-up menu that you would like to pay with.

For PayNow / Bank Transfer payments, you will be given a QR code with the invoice details above. Please use the QR code to make payment so that your invoice reference number is correctly tied to your payment.

Why do I need to pay with the QR code? Can't I just enter your UEN?

We generate a QR code to make it easier and faster for your invoice to be marked as paid. If you choose to pay by PayNow and manually enter our UEN in PayNow and enter the invoice number yourself in the reference details, we may have trouble reconciling your invoice if you enter the invoice number incorrectly.

How long will it take for my invoice to be marked as paid?

We reconcile invoices within 3 working days. If it has been 4 or more working days since you made payment and your invoice is still not marked as paid, please get in touch with us on WhatsApp or phone at +65 3138 4899. You will also receive an email and message from us if you have an unpaid invoice, and if you did make the payment but didn't put the right invoice details, we will seek the transaction details from you and help you to record it as paid.

Viewing your receipt

After you pay your invoice and we reconcile the payment, you can view and download a receipt. On your paid invoices, click View to open the full invoice in Xero. You can download this invoice as either a PDF from the top right-hand corner of the invoice. Clicking Receipt will show you your paid invoice if you need to keep it for accounting purposes.

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