Scheduling your next recurring aircon session

Our aircon packages are designed to provide regular servicing for your air conditioning system to ensure its optimal performance. When you book our triyearly (three visits) or quarterly (four visits) package, you will receive a specific number of visits to be utilised within one year from the date of your first appointment. Visits will expire if they are not used within the one year period. This page will explain how to use your visit credits to schedule an upcoming visit.

You can see your remaining visit credits in the top right-hand corner of the screen: simply click on Package Credit to see the remaining visit credits for each of the packages on your account.

How to book the next aircon visit of my package?

When the next session of your recurring aircon servicing package is due to be scheduled, we will send a WhatsApp message to your registered phone number to schedule the appointment at your preferred time. No login is required to proceed to the booking page from this link.

For our quarterly packages, the visits will be scheduled every three months, allowing for consistent maintenance throughout the year. In the case of our triyearly packages, visits will be scheduled every four months, giving you adequate coverage throughout the year.

If you prefer to have your visits scheduled earlier or later than the predetermined intervals, you have the flexibility to book your next appointment independently. You can also contact our sales team, who will be more than happy to assist you in scheduling your next appointment at your desired time. Please note that all visits must be utilised within the one-year period to avoid expiration.

Select a date and time for your next visit

After clicking on the link, you can choose a time slot and date for your next visit. After that, simply click Reschedule. You will receive a confirmation message on WhatsApp from us confirming your next visit.

If you're having trouble finding a time that fits your schedule, click the Live Chat Sales button, or call or message us on WhatsApp at +65 3138 4868 and we will try to schedule a visit at a convenient time for you.

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