Permanently changing your cleaner

We understand that not every cleaner will be a fit for you and your house. If you're having issues with your current cleaner, we would love to work through this with you and find out whether your current cleaner can improve, so we encourage you to give us feedback about your cleaner and also tell your cleaner the feedback directly.

Please take into consideration that there may not be another cleaner available at your current session time, and we may only be able to offer a cleaner at an alternative time. If you have decided that you definitely want another cleaner, you can submit a request for a cleaner change.

To request for a change of cleaner:

  1. Go to your Upcoming Visits page

  2. Click on the ... symbol in the bottom right corner of any of your visit cards

  3. Select Change Cleaner from the dropdown menu

  4. Select a reason in the Reason dropdown box

    • Attendance: your cleaner frequently arrives late or has other attendance issues

    • Careless or Rude Behaviour: your cleaner was inattentive or rude

    • No Show: your cleaner did not show up to your house for an appointment

    • Poor Cleaning: you are unhappy with your cleaner's standard of cleaning

    • Property Damage: your cleaner has damaged your property

    • Others: any reason not represented by the categories above

  5. In the Comment box, enter the following information

    • A description of the issue you encountered with your cleaner

    • Two alternative times that you can accept a cleaner if you change to another cleaner

    • Any requirements you have for your new cleaner ie. language requirements

  6. Press Submit

Will there always be another cleaner available?

We have a large cleaning workforce and there will usually be another cleaner available - however, there may not be a cleaner free at your preferred time. To ensure that we have the best chance of finding you another cleaner, make sure you give a few alternative times in which we can find another cleaner for you. Evening slots are generally less competitive, and we charge a lower rate of $18/hour for evenings, so let us know if you are available on any evenings also.

There may also be cases where our operations team. We will avoid doing this as much as possible, since we know it's disruptive for you to need to teach a new cleaner how to clean your house.

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