Changing to a different cleaning package

To change your cleaning contract or find out more about the rates of different packages, feel free to get in touch with our customer support team on WhatsApp or at +65 3138 4827. If you need to increase your session length, we will strive to keep your current cleaner. However, there is a chance that she may not have enough time for an extended session at your current timing, and we may need to work some alternative times with you.

Can I keep my current rate if I move to a different package?

Our rates are determined by the number of hours in the session, and the time of day in which the session occurs. If you change to a different package, your rate will depend on the number of hours and the time of day in which the cleaning occurs:

  • Daytime 3-hours: $22 per hour

  • Daytime 4-hours or more: $20 per hour

  • Evening: $18 per hour

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