Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that clients frequently ask about our cleaning services. If you have any other questions, please feel free to get in touch with our team on WhatsApp or by phone call at one of the following numbers. For new customers, you can reach our sales team at +65 3138 4879. For existing customers, you can get in touch with our customer support team at +65 3138 4827.

Do I have to provide my own equipment?

In sight of the pandemic, we are not providing publicly used cleaning equipment to homes in order to prevent the spread of germs. If you don’t have equipment, we can provide an equipment list that you can use to quickly shop for all of your home cleaning needs. If your home lacks storage space, we recommend using a telescopic mop pole that you can change the size of after use.

What tasks are not covered in our cleaning service?

Our staff consists of a mix of locals and foreign permit holders. In line with Workplace Health and Safety guidelines and our liability insurance exclusions, the cleaners are not able to perform tasks that could potentially result in injury or liability issues such as providing care for the elderly or children. A list of common exclusions is shown below: ‍

  1. Cleaning high places or tall furniture that require a ladder or stepladder

  2. Cleaning the exterior of windows or any furnishings and fittings on the outside of the house, with the exception of mopping balcony floors when the balcony has a safe handrail

  3. Cooking or preparing meals

  4. Assisting sick or elderly clients with home-based care exercises or procedures

  5. Babysitting or caring for children or infants

  6. Washing clothing by hand or cleaning footwear

  7. Washing cars or cleaning the interior of the car

  8. Gardening or cleaning the garden

  9. Scrubbing the floor by hand

  10. Cleaning animal waste, fish tanks or bird cages

  11. Pet-sitting or walking pets

Can I change my scheduled sessions?

Absolutely! We are happy to accommodate you if you can’t make a scheduled timing one week. Just let us know 3 days in advance and we’ll make the necessary arrangements with your part time maid. If you are going abroad and will not require cleaning, we are also more than happy to put your sessions on hold at no additional cost to you. To find out more about rescheduling a session, visit this page.

Are there any hidden costs or contractual obligations?

There are no hidden costs. While part time maid agencies charge an agency fee which averages $300, for us you pay only the hourly rate and nothing else. You must complete a minimum session number for recurring cleaning contracts, which is 4 weeks' worth of sessions. After this, if you feel like you no longer need help cleaning, you can stop anytime!

How is Luce / HomeFresh different from other part-time maid agencies?

HomeFresh operates on a company model, allowing our lineup of cleaners to act as our contractors and their quality of service to represent our company standards. Unlike other professional cleaning agencies, our relationship with you doesn't end once we pair you up with a cleaner. As the direct agency of our cleaners, we assure our clients that every transaction made will have our complete supervision and guidance.

We also provide honest feedback and up-to-date cleaning advice to our cleaners in order to uphold our mission of providing the best cleaning service. We get feedback from our clients after every transaction to better understand their cleaning needs and develop the best cleaning solutions.

How do we ensure quality of service?

Quality assurance for us begins on the first cleaning session. Subsequently, we ask you for feedback every month (or you can shoot us an email anytime) about your cleaning so we can iteratively improve on the way we clean your home. From experience, we know that no two cleaning assignments are the same, because people have different preferences. Some clients are very particular about the toilet, others the dusting of furniture, and yet others the shine of the stove top. Through a continual feedback loop with you, we aim to personalise each cleaning to your needs.

It's the scheduled time, why isn't the maid here yet?

As our workers rely on public transport to get around, they are subject to traffic conditions and fluctuations in bus schedules. As such, they might be a little earlier or later by up to 15 minutes. This is especially true if it is her first time cleaning your apartment. Just as friends and family sometimes have trouble finding our place for house parties, our cleaners get lost sometimes too and we hope you can understand!

I'm not happy with the cleaner I was assigned. Can I change her?

Of course. We would like to ask you to give your cleaner a chance first, and provide feedback to her and to us. We will guide the cleaner on improving her performance for you. If that still doesn't work, you can proceed to request for a change in cleaner. You can see instructions for this on this page.

Can I get two cleaners at once?

Sometimes, if we have spare manpower, we will send two cleaners down to one cleaning assignment to bring greater convenience to our customers since that allows us to finish in half the time. However, this is not something we guarantee and is an added bonus for you. As such, please always be prepared that we might only have one cleaner come down! The exception is that for assignments 6 hours and above, we accept and will honour requests for 2 cleaners. This is because cleaners get tired too, and having them work 6 hours would mean much slower work towards the end, and we want to guarantee value for money for our clients. Thus in these cases we send down 2 cleaners.

What should I do if my invoice is not correct?

If there is any issue with your invoice, you can follow the instructions on this page to rectify it with our team. Please let us know as soon as you notice any issue so we can fix it for you quickly.

I haven't received my invoice. Where can I find it?

You can find your invoice in Luce web app on the Invoices page. To view and pay your invoices, follow the detailed instructions on this page. Your invoice will have also been sent to your email, but you may need to search your Spam or Junk inbox in case the email was directed there.

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